Senin, 16 Mei 2011

Classroom Discussion Worksheet (PPL 1 : AENG 464)

According to us, a curriculum is a plan for learning therefore, what is know about the learning process and the development of the individual has bearing on the shaping of the curriculum.

According to us, a syllabus is A syllabus is a document that a professor writes and distributes to provide students with an overview of a college course.

According to us, a lesson plan is developed by the teacher to guide the instruction. Planning the instruction is much more difficult than delivering the instruction.

Group members:
1. Muhammad Syafriansyah NPM. 3060812238
2. Rafiul Umam NPM. 3060812248
3. Kamaliah NPM. 3060812258
4. Mahmudah NPM. 3060812414

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